How to gain weight fast for skinny boys

How to gain weight fast for boys is a question skinny guys are searching about. Some skinny guys are blessed with a fast metabolism. They burn everything they eat but don’t gain weight. Are you one them and you really want to bulk up or build some muscles?  You are eating junk food but still you are not gaining weight. Luckily you opened this site and I am available here to help you. If you are skinny eat everything you like to eat and eat a lot and if your metabolism is fast just double up your calories intake.

Ways to Getting Bigger:

These ways answer to the question How to gain weight fast for boys.

Eat a lot:

It is not as easy as you thought of it. You are skinny because you are not eating enough and you don’t underestimate what you eat. Just double the amount of food you are currently eating to get bigger. Don’t think it crazy it works. You are not getting big just because of the fact that you are not eating enough food. You have to eat three monster meals and 6 big snacks or whatever you like to eat. It takes time because your body is not used to eating a lot. First, you have to force your body to eat this much food but eventually, your body will be used to it. If you add 500 calories daily for a week you will gain 1 extra pound of weight. So, try to add extra calories according to your desired weight.


Protein is an ideal food for muscles building because the surplus of protein is stored as muscles weight. Rich sources of protein are fish, meat, chicken, milk, eggs, and almonds. Add about 8 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight but never go more than 300 grams of protein.

Eat good things a lot:

You have to eat the ridiculous amount of calories to gain weight i.e. more than 3500 but make sure that these are calories taken from good food. You can get calories by eating pizza, Twinkies and by drinking coca cola but these things are an enemy of your long-term fitness. Try to eat healthy stuff like meat, vegetables and fruits in the more natural form that is rich in carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

Carbs are your friend:

Carbs are your friend if you want to know How to gain weight fast for boys. You can eat a lot of carbs to gain weight. If you want to put on weight simply add carbs to your routine. Sources of carbs include pasta, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal etc. In addition to carbs, eat lots of nuts to reach your calories goals.

Compound exercises:

Compound exercises are your friend if you want to gain weight. If you want to gain weight do a workout at the gym or at home to increase your appetite to eat more. By eating more calories and carbs you will get only fat not fit but by addicting compound exercises in your routine you will build muscles and that’s what training comes in. So concentrate on complex and compound exercises that will build muscles for you. Do deadlifts, pull ups, chin ups, squats, and dips.


You have to sleep for at least 7 hours a day, but for maximum gain make it 8-9 hours. Your body will build stronger and hotter muscles while you are sleeping, so sleep is the most important thing. If you sleep for 6 hours or even less you will not gain the benefits of diet and exercise you are doing to get stronger abs.

With this routine, you are going to put on some muscles and fats. Just add more food to get that killer figure you want to keep up. Have you enough idea about How to gain weight fast for boys now? Go eat something!!